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    Dream of Songs

    by , 04-15-2012 at 03:55 PM (434 Views)
    I had a short dream of a country song just as I was falling to sleep. I awoke right away and wrote down the lyrics. It was a female vocalist, smooth sexy voice singing: "its my baby when I do, kiss my baby when I do" and she repeats that line twice more. I wish I could have heard more before I woke. I was seeing a visual with it too, of what I assume is the Vegas cowgirl sign. It is similar, at least, it is this giant sign, all lit up with many different color bulbs. It has got this giant cowgirl sitting on a sign saying TEXAS.

    If you think this song may be real, I'd be interested in hearing what you think it is.

    Now in the morning when I wake up, I keep getting these songs running through my head recently, like my sleeping brain was thinking of the song. Now I'm pretty sure I didn't hear the song in my dreams, but when I wake up it is there. I woke up with a the Mission UK song stuck in my head this morning called: All I want is you.

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    1. GoldenLight's Avatar
      I have had that happen often to me - I get songs running through my head and it just about sets me crazy because it's like someone hit the repeat button. No matter how much I like the song, hearing it on repeat about 10 times is sooooooo not appealing. Have you tried googling the lyrics?
    2. EarthInferno's Avatar
      Yeah I tried googling the first song lyrics, nothing came that matches what I heard though.