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    Dreaming of Sleep

    by , 05-18-2012 at 02:54 PM (383 Views)
    I was repairing BVs and taking a couple at a time back over to a table and stacking them. There was also a giant rotating wheel that you could put them in, it was weird looking. I had two co-workers helping me.

    I got out of bed, but I was so tired yet that I went to my couch to rest a little more. The main thing I remember is dreaming that I'm sleeping. It is like I am immobile, and things are happening around me. I had my arm over my head and a breeze was blowing on it inside my house. I heard the papers rustling and felt the breeze on my hand. When I woke up and checked, I didn't have any papers on the table near me in the first place.

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    Tags: immoblile