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    Dry River Road

    by , 04-11-2012 at 11:44 AM (394 Views)
    I was walking along the edge of a large stream, only it was dried up. There was only a few puddles left here and there. I start noticing a vehicle would go by every so often, using the dry river bed as a road. Up ahead there is this broken down old rusty metal wire fence that crosses the river, and the vehicles have to keep running it over to get by. It acts like a ramp, the vehicles hit it and are launched up a short distance into the air. They land with a splash in a puddle and keep going.

    Something tells me I shouldn't mess with the fence, but I become lucid enough to defy my dream. I go down into the river bed, snap the fence apart in a spot, and pull most of it out of the river bed up the far bank. After I do this, the traffic increases as if it were a busy freeway. I'm trying to hide from view behind a tree so that the drivers don't see it was me who moved the fence. That's where it ends.

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