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    The Elder Places

    by , 05-21-2012 at 03:43 PM (420 Views)
    I seemed to be in a magical fantasy land, where some of the Dungeons and Dragons type creatures were real. I remember seeing the trees and rocks come alive for sure, and I think there were some other plants too. The trees were treants walking around and talking like normal DCs, as well as the rock creatures. The rock creatures were golems. I interacted with some and talked to them. I should have wrote it down earlier, kinda sketchy now. There was something coming towards the group of them that spooked all the creatures, they ran away from whatever it was and locked themselves behind a steel gate. The gate was set in a high stone wall that circled and enclosed a large area. I never seen what spooked them, but they slowly came out again when it was safe.

    Later on, I was helping these two massive stones set one on another, they were a foundation for a building. They could talk, but didn't move. Actually the lower stone was wobbly, and I was trying to re-secure it in its position so it would be stable again. These stones were huge though, they must have weighed at least 20 tons each. They were taller than me, and bigger than I could reach across. Dispite their immense size and weight I could still move the one I was working on. I was talking to the stones as I worked, but don't remember what was said.

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