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    FIMW! Frogs in my Wall

    by , 04-08-2012 at 01:38 PM (678 Views)
    (guy screaming) Frogs! Frogs!
    (some dude on the street) That guy has some serious frogs in his wall.
    Tell me what's making you jump like that? FIMW - Frogs in my wall. How can I qualify for goverment grants? FIMW - Frogs in my wall

    Like that? I made my dream into a song. You see I put my dream into this device, and it turns it into a song. I call it the dream-songinator. Good right?

    LOL - jk jk

    You can tell the obvious Phineas & Ferb references here. My dream really was about frogs in my wall, I had a huge gaping hole in my wall next to my bed. There were cold drafts coming through it. I did not like it. What a mess this is going to be to repair. I was still laying in bed, to tired yet to do anything really about it. I could see the frogs had crawled into the opening and up into the wall, big ones. I'm trying to reach up past my pillow and managed to beat one fist on my wall saying "Get out frogs!" The frog where I beat on the wall only crawls up inside further, I go "uuugghhh". The only thing that hasn't come in are squirels to look for food in my pants! And yes I have dirty clothes on my floor in the dream too.

    As I look down at my bedroom floor, I notice there are 2 birds in here as well. At least they only came in to eat the insects that came in, good birds, keep eating them I don't need the insects in here either. They are poking around in the insulation that is deterioating, that is where most of the bugs are. I look up at the frogs again and I say "you're so dead once I get out of this bed!" I try to rest again, but just a little. My cousin Amie comes in my house, and I get up to talk to her. I'm sure she sees the hole in my wall, but she doesn't say anything about it. My cousin lives next to me in my dream, as in her house is next to mine. And I think our houses are in a trailer court, and may in fact be mobile homes.

    My cousin tells me she has met my girlfriend earlier, and by the way she says it I can tell that she doesn't like her. My cousin was like "was that your girlfriend Amy I met earlier?" as we are walking down my hall away from my bedroom. I remember I was talking to her I just don't remember much else what was said. After that I woke up. My real cousin Amie lives almost a thousand miles away from me. She has not met my girlfriend Amy either.

    After making a mental note of this dream, I go back to sleep again. I find myself on this boat, shaped more like a small barge. There is some guy with me, and we are going around measuring the depths of the bay. As we do this I get an underwater view of how deep the area we are covering is, as in 3 rd person view, I don't actually go underwater. At least I think I don't. As we are passing an underwater ridge that is on the way out to open sea, I start waking up. As I start waking up, the last thing I hear is: "Let us go down to the deepest depths. Let us breach the spirit of the brotherhood." It is in a male voice, and he sounds as though he were reading a line from Poe or Lovecraft.

    An interesting side note, the night before I was trying to lengthen my falling to sleep so I could better categorize the stages. I got to hearing the voices speak to me, I caught enough to remember a female voice say, "that knight is stuck in your house, your garden overdue for repair." A little bit after that I remember jerking awake, as if I did a mini jump in my bed and my whole body felt as though it shook. Those frogs were so begging me to go lucid on them, I didn't know why I didn't. I just felt so tired in my dream. One more minute of that situation though.... my cousin pulled me out of my bed and away from that hole in my wall. I'm coming back for you frogs, you're not getting off that easy! lol

    Here is a link in case someone hasn't seen the Phineas & Ferb song I was referencing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKL6W...eature=related

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