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    Flight (from yesterday 5-20)

    by , 05-21-2012 at 04:11 PM (379 Views)
    I was in a car when I became lucid. It was some type of bad situation I wanted to get away from. I don't think I really liked the DCs in the car with me either, I was a passenger in the backseat. Once I became lucid, I remembered that I could fly. Since I was sitting in a car, I couldn't do my normal method to get airborne. Instead I decided I could fly through the roof of the car, as if I were bursting out of a tin can. I launched myself with my whole will and the maximum physical force I could. Not only did I explode out of the car roof, leaving a hole with peeled back metal, but I ended up flying so fast straight up that I went into space in just a second or two. I could tell I was somewhere between the earth and the moon when I stopped and looked down at the earth. The earth from my height looked about the size of a volleyball held at arms length. I could see North America and the eastern seaboard of the USA, that is where I flew back to. I was trying to make it back home, but I landed elsewhere in the US. I figured I was close enough for now, and could fly again once I got my bearings. But I didn't have to, either I woke up or transitioned to the next dream where I lost lucidity.

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