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    Flying just above the water

    by , 10-17-2014 at 12:30 PM (300 Views)
    In my dream I was in the woods. There was a river there and I was on the riverbank. It seems like I was on a journey with this other guy trying to get somewhere. All of a sudden a flash flood caught us unaware. There was a rush of water coming down the river and there was nothing we could do in time. We couldn't get out of the way. I ended up clinging to the roots of a tree to keep my head above the water.

    It took a minute like this, but then I realized I wasn't in danger. I let go and concentrated on levitation. It worked, I rose up out of the water and just hovered inches above it. This was fun, and I started flying low over the water, heading downstream. Just a foot or 2 above the water I sped along flying above it. Eventually I came out to the sea, but I continued flying low just above the water like this. It just look so amazing flying like this.

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    Tags: flood, flying, river, sea