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    Flying must have impressed the crowd!

    by , 03-30-2015 at 02:32 PM (371 Views)
    It was funny in the dream that I found a ladder on a outside of a rock wall difficult to climb, but then remembered immediately after I got to the top that I could fly. Doh! So silly of me. Though I didn't launch off right away, I wanted to walk around a bit first. It was an outdoor café area of sorts, with tables & chairs, and it was mostly full here with DCs. There were also some large pots around big enough to grow small trees in, though nothing was planted in them yet. I stretched out my right hand towards one of them and pretended to erupt it on fire, and an energy beam came from it and shot up into the sky like a giant laser beam 5 foot in diameter. The beam stayed around for almost half a minute, although I only had to set off the initial burst. After it dissipated, the little jump into the air to fly gave me the familiar feel of satisfaction of doing it. Circling above the crowd in an arc half the size of a football field was enjoyable. I could tell they were all watching me. It would be fun to have some other people fly with me so I asked them, but I put the question to them in German rather than English. I'm only learning German yet, but I asked "Flieg mit mir?" Everyone there raised their hand eagerly wanting to fly, and I knew they understood what I said. I considered telekinetically levitating everyone briefly, but I figured having three people fly with me was better instead. I told them, "I can't take all of you, but I'll just pick three people."

    There was a table of three below, one of the ladies had caught my eye, so they were my target. Swooping near, I took the hands of the guy and gal, and told the other woman to grab on. She was trying to grab my right foot. I thought, "that is not going to work." I told her instead, "grab my shoulder, the shoulder." I could feel her hand switch from my right foot to my right shoulder, then I knew we were ready to go. Right away I could feel the mass difference, accelerating 3 people in flight was slower, but I did it. We lifted away from the café area and flew above the treetops. "Where do you guys want to go?", was my question. One woman said, "lets go see the Ouroboros ducks near the sea!" Pausing in thought she added, "they come down from Cuba around this time." She gave me enough information to give me a sense that we were flying somewhere over South America. The Amazon river was near and we followed it, flying above towards the ocean. Although it was thousands of miles, the trip seemed brief enough.

    When we got to the ocean I passed too close to the water surface and as our feet dragged the surface it sucked us in. It was icky water that grossed me out enough to wake me up. Well it was fun while it lasted. After waking up I decided that although I could fly with 3 people, I should just limit it to one because it cuts down on my maneuverability too much. Next time it might be fun just to levitate the entire crowd instead via telekenesis and see if I can do that.

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