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    Friendly Females

    by , 10-08-2014 at 04:12 PM (305 Views)
    We were in this house in my dream. It seemed to be that my friends here were the ones I play with in an online video game. We kind of loaded in to the house and our goal was a scavenger hunt of some sort. I didn't realize what we were doing at first, but it only took me a moment. So I went around looking for the clues, supposing I'd know them when I seen them. I ended up looking out the windows, where I noticed that it was raining hard. The windows had a storm window in them that needed to be closed so I did that to a few. The next thing that wasn't right was a bed that seemed to be lop-sided. In trying to fix it, I ended up tearing it half apart. It was a waterbed and apparently some of the water had leaked out. Also the headboard was not square as it should have been, instead it morphed into a flat screen tv that was bent to the side. At that point I gave up on it.

    The dream transitions a bit to what seems to inside a catering food truck although it still resembles the house I was just in also. It has a kitchen in the back. Anyways these two cute females were there with me. We were having a good time, and of course the flirting led me to having sex with them. It was more of a desire rather than a lucid decision. They were willing too, and the one with the blonde hair got naked for me. She got down on her hands & knees for me to get her from behind. While I was involved with her hinny, her friend got her face up in there while we were at it. When we were most of the way through, the chick who was behind me started morphing so I ended up pushing her away.

    After the sex, we were still hanging around in the kitchen area trying to clean up the place. Although the one girl morphed earlier, she was back to her original self now. A guy that I had seen earlier in the dream shows back up too, and here I am trying to find a place to put the leftover hamburger when the dream faded out.

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