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    Full Lucid Flying! Now thats what I'm talkin bout! Awesome Star Wars dream too.

    by , 05-05-2012 at 02:23 PM (697 Views)
    We were in the millenium falcon traveling through space. R2-D2 was piloting a bigger ship behind us, tailgaiting us and firing at our engines. We could fire back, but it wasn't helping much. The ships were so close together, it was like they were connected. So I went to the back of the ship and held the cover over the laser aperture shut so it couldn't hit us anymore. It was funny I got my foot over the cover, & I can see the bright light that seems to be flashing off my shoe. That buys us some time but it isn't a permanent solution. So I have the co-pilot open the com. I start by saying "hey R2, buddy, we are your friends. You don't want to be shooting us." Then I motion/tell the real Han Solo who is standing next to me now to talk over the com to R2. Gah, I can't remember what he said exactly, but he sounds just like Harrison Ford is supposed to. Although he sounds very persuasive, R2 doesn't buy it. After the com channel is closed, I could have swore Han quoted a movie line at me, like "well that didn't work. Got any better ideas?" R2 is still bearing down on us and uses his bigger ship to force us down through a planet's atmosphere and land. At least we are on the ground now and not being shot anymore.

    I go into 3rd person and am inspecting the ship that forced us down. It seems the dream is reading details to me about the ship like a schematic. The ship R2 was piloting was imperial in design, and had a clear window made of unbreakable corellian durasteel. That was the main point. Then I go back to 1st person view with a group of DCs on the planet's surface.

    We are on the ground now. Some more DCs show up and some of my family members are there, although they are younger looking. There is this one woman who has come out of R2-D2's ship and she shows us why we are here. This planet is cold and has some snow patches on the ground. She finds one berry, like the last berry around for miles, and starts chewing it. She starts moaning because it is so good. She shares the taste of the berry with other DCs at this point by giving several of them a kiss, starting with Han Solo, though she doesn't kiss me. I happen to be off to the side of the group a bit anyway. It turns out this planet is drying up, climate change, and cannot produce food like it used to for its population. There is much dryed out long grass, and many dead trees. There was a patch of nice green grass, but it was as if summer had turned cold early and it snowed. The woman took us here to show us this, because this planet was worth saving.

    We start talking to a farmer asking him what exactly their situation was with the crops. He explained pretty much what I already knew. I could tell Han was thinking of ways we could correct the problem. I jumped in with, "well I suppose you don't have a fleet of (space) ships?" The farmer was like "no, we don't." Scratch that idea, but I could tell Han was already thinking of something else. Our group was following the farmer now, watching the farming operations. They were using some kind of modified AT-ST to help clear the dead trees from the land. This thing could "run" about ten times faster than the AT-ST's you see in the movies. It was creepy in the way that it moved. They also had a backhoe type vehicle that could keep up with the speed of the AT-ST. It also was clearing land.

    As we got closer we came to a point where a paved road was close to where they were working. As the backhoe vehicle was out of the forest with a load of logs, it was bumping into other dead trees causing some of them to break and fall. Three trees at the edge fell, and nearly hit some DCs, but they merely jumped out of the way. It was pretty impressive moves they were doing, but the DCs didn't seem to think anything of it.
    I'm pointing this out to my DCs as well and I'm telling them, "well at least I'm not getting hit by a tree." No sooner did I say that, then a tree falls my way as if to spite me. It is a good thing I seem to have the same agility as my DCs, because I jump out of the way as it crashes to the ground beside me on my left. I start getting mad, and accusing my DCs of "making" the tree fall on me, like they did it on purpose somehow as a joke. This is where I start getting lucid. I walk over to a parked car that is on the road, lifted the front end clear off the ground, and pushed the car about 30 foot down the road with the back tires skidding on the pavement. I felt the "rush" of having super strength. By doing this display of strength, it was like telling my DCs to stop F-ing with me.

    Lucid Now
    As I walked back over to the group, I finally think to myself, I'm in my dream, duh! I calm down now realizing there is no point to being mad at my DCs. I tell the crowd kind of flippantly, "hey everyone, I'm in my dream." After saying that I bend my knees and jump into the air and do the slow levitation style flight.
    I look down at them and say, "y'all can suck @$$. I can fly."
    Everyone below me is like "wow, he's flying."

    As I start flying, I am thinking how not to wake up. I say out loud, "stabilize dream." That seems to work, and gives the dream some clarity. So I fly over to another dead tree, grab it and it breaks off at its base. I'm not in the mood for smashing stuff so I just let it drop to the ground. No one was in the way. I fly a short ways back over to my young sister, who seems to be a little girl around 10 or so now. I don't know what is up with the age regression in my dream. My sister is on the ground in front of me and I try to levitate her by telekinesis. I extend my left hand and focus, the first try isn't working. I wait a second, then try again. My will grabs her this time and she floats up to my height, where I tell her, "Hey, you're flying." She seems all happy about it, even though it is really me doing it. After a minute of making her fly, I can tell I'm overdoing it, so I simply grab my little sister to hold her instead of using my concentration. I was able to land and set her down safely, but I didn't have enough time to stabilize my dream again. I woke up.

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      Awesome Dream.