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    I became a vampire

    by , 04-11-2020 at 05:23 AM (126 Views)
    This was just a short bit of lucidity, but I had started walking down a dark hallway. It was nice and I was feeling all dark and goth, like a normal goth would. It was nice being alone in a dark and gloomy hallway in my dream, away from all my dream characters who are almost constantly around. Suddenly I am approached by people in both directions, just 2 of them, but enough to try and wreck my goth zone I got going on. As the one behind me gets the closest, I swing around abruptly, like a vampire, and bite her like I just turned into one. Yes I have the vampire teeth, I can tell. I only bit her, I don't remember any blood I think I began waking up then. But still, I did the dark hallway and being like a vampire lucidly. I didn't really intend to go all vampire, but just be my goth self, but since it was a dream, why not vamp, right?

    This was probably almost a week ago, but it is sticking with me so I am going to post it.
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    Tags: goth, vampire