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    I had 2 girlfriends

    by , 04-16-2012 at 03:44 PM (545 Views)
    Well it starts of with just my first girlfriend and I. She was a cute blond and on the short side. We were at her place watching movies on the couch. We were mainly just snuggling together for awhile. She got tired though and fell to sleep next to me to my left. She had her feet on my left leg, and I really wasn't paying attention to the TV anymore. Her apartment had a half-wall that separated the living room from the kitchen, you could go around either side. As I walked around through there, another girl comes in the front door. She is a pretty blond as well, although a bit taller and thinner than my girlfriend sleeping on the couch. She starts coming on to me and we make our way back to the couch. I feel like I am cheating on my first girlfriend with this new girl, especially since she is still sleeping on the couch next to us. We are touching each other and it feels so wonderfull. It doesn't bother me too much, because I'm aware that this is just a dream, and I just let the dream play out by itself since I'd probably would have gone here anyway if I went lucid.

    After a little while, my first girlfriend wakes up. She really isn't upset about me and this new girl, but she does get off the couch. She heads to her kitchen and gets a drink, when she comes back she starts telling me that this new girl is not right for me. As she goes on I start to realize it too, there is something wrong about this new girl. The new girl I'm with, although she is having fun, really has no emotional connection with me. She reveals herself and we actually see that she has evil intentions. She wants to do something bad to me as she is on top of me holding me down. I didn't have to throw her off of me though, because she started dissolving and became invisible. But I could tell she was still there somehow. When she was going invisible though, a guy appeared by the entrance. He was evil as well and was somehow connected to the evil girl I was making out with. He took on an appearance of a co-worker in real life. He had an indignant look to him, and once the girl dissolved completely he scowled and left out the door. Good riddance! I was back alone with my first girlfriend and everything was ok now. She was saying something like: that is like scattering grass seed and the birds come and eat it unless you cover it up. I could tell she was refering to a parable of Jesus here when she said that.

    Both of the girls in my dream are familiar looking to me, and closely resemble real college girls I used to know. Oh I think the evil one kinda looked like a Heather I knew in college.

    My dream transitions to an outdoor setting where some guy is mowing the lawn, he is obviously a gardener/groundskeeper. It is a big yard, with a house, a barn, a couple sheds, and even a crock well covered with boards. The grass he is mowing is really lush, nice and green. The whole scenery in general is just really vivid. The barn and sheds, although they are old, are nicely painted and stand out well. I'm talking to this guy a bit, just small talk I think, nothing memorable. Anyway I walk around the yard a bit, then come over to the side where my car is at the end of the driveway. Its a long driveway, but I see I won't be able to get out because hay bales are on the driveway blocking the exit. There are tools scattered about as well, the whole area is a mess. I start cleaning up a bit, and move a hay bale, but then I think why am I bothering with this? There is a neat power tool there so I pick it up and start cutting through some wood, part of an unfinished fence I see. After I had my fun with it, I see this tool is actually a multi-tool that can transform into almost any tool you need, neat. The saw part pops off and becomes a drill instead I see as I take it back to the tool box.

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    1. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Kind of a kinky situation you were in!

      I've had fantasies of doing something similar to that, like telling whoever I'm touching/cuddling with to stay quiet, or else they'll wake up the person next to me.

      I liked reading this