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    I'm a Genealogist

    by , 04-14-2012 at 03:40 PM (271 Views)
    In this dream I'm researching genealogy, so I'm going around to these people and places doing interviews and taking notes. I happen to be with this good looking blond woman who is assisting me. We come across this blind guy on a dirt road and I start taking notes on him. He doesn't fit into my family tree, so I'm wondering why I'm taking notes on him? But I figure why not, there isn't that much info to take, and I finish up on him. Later we are in this old large house, kind of like an southern plantation house, its the kind you can get lost in with over 20 rooms. It is still a nice house, just you can tell it has been built sometime in the 1800's. I'm still taking my notes on all the DCs in the house, as well as the place itself.

    I start lucidly affecting my dream, but since I forget to RC I'm not fully lucid. I imagine that this house belongs to the lady I'm with, and she starts acting like she owns the place. Next I imagine she is rich, but she had hidden her money throughout her house, cash & gold. All the DCs start to go around the house to try and find the wealth. I feel like I owe my DCs money, so to be generous to my DCs I start making cash appear out of thin air in my hands and start handing it out to my DCs. I'm tired of this notebook and writing everything by hand, so I wish for all my gathered info to be on a laptop. When I turn around and look at the table, there is a laptop there instead of my notebook.

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