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    Martial Arts Contest

    by , 04-22-2012 at 02:39 PM (321 Views)
    I had a dream I was near a lake, and my DCs were entering the water without going out too far so the water wouldn come up past the knees. They were pairing up and fighting each other in some kind of anime martial arts style. They would gain these abilities once they were in the water and use them on each other. It was impressive to watch, as sometimes they would hit each other not with just physical blows, but energy rays and such. They were still students, training, and some were rather young but held much promise. I did not include myself in the fighting, however I did need to dodge a few stray energy bolts that happened to come my way. After that, I exited the water myself and retreated to a safer distance on land. I seemed to be like a judge of the contest or something.

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