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    mmm, cheese

    by , 04-01-2015 at 01:37 PM (352 Views)
    Basically I was wandering around the first two floors of this building looking for food. Some people had ordered it and we were waiting for it to arrive. But the guys who ordered it disappeared on me, so I went exploring a bit. I figured they had gone out but would be back soon. It didn't take long but when I came back to the area we were first in, they still were not back, but I found the food in a room off to the side. I didn't know which sub sandwich was mine, but I was so hungry I was picking off toppings and eating them until some one could show up and say what was what. The pizza was all eaten, but a huge amount of melted cheese had slid off the pizza and they just left it. It tasted so good. I ended up waking up before anyone came back though.

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    Tags: eating, food