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    Mountain Hike

    by , 05-14-2012 at 01:40 PM (354 Views)
    Some kids were going around the neighborhood destroying property. They broke branches off my tree and made a mess. I ran outside, seen them, and yelled at them. Somehow I ended up babysitting them. They were a pain but gradually got better. At least I had a dream wife to help me with them.

    Next dream was about studying in a bowling alley, although I didn't really see the bowling lanes. Many students at desks though, it probably was a college course. I wasn't really studying all that much, but later on a military drill was performed by soldiers who burst into the building, and captured it. There were defending soldiers as well, but they lost of course. They didn't use real ammo, it was just a drill. I could tell they were serious about it though, and I stayed out of their way. I had went out into the hallway to see what the commotion was.

    Later on my dream changes and I am hiking up a mountain slope with 3 guys. I know them just in the dream somehow as friends, even though they are just random DCs. We come to this point where we stop and talk about if we should continue on or turn back, because the climb was about to get difficult. The biggest guy in our group insists we go on, seems he has some personal reasons for doing so. I have noticed that I have been wearing this watch. The watch is picking up a signal, it is a woman talking through my watch. I don't catch what she says though, but my big friend hears it. We both look at the watch I'm wearing and we see it is some type of "modern" spy watch. He says it is a "Star Trek watch." He is able to take some information it is displaying and can calculate our position. After he is done, he starts leading the way up the trail for our group. We come to this snow pack which has a steep climb, I know I climb to the top before waking up.

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