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    No clock makes sense

    by , 04-18-2012 at 02:19 PM (510 Views)
    I fell back to sleep this morning, after noting my first set of dreams. There was a woman truck driver in my dream, and she was pretty good looking brunette. She needed her truck loaded. I got in a nearby loader and took scoups out of a pile of topsoil and put it in her truck. Loading it went quickly, as if I were using the huge loader bucket as a giant shovel instead of it being machine operated. I filled her trailer first, getting it to the maximum capacity like she wanted but not overfilling it, then I did the truck the same way. She took off in her truck, it was a short double, once I was done.

    Next I'm with my dad on his property, at least it was a representation of his property that was about 10 acres big and about half woods on it. He was going around marking out spots where he wanted to build circular lookout towers. I didn't understand exactly why he wanted to do this, but I imagined they would look cool once they were finished. He was only marking were to put the foundations at this point. They were circular marks in the ground, supposed to be 6 feet across in diameter, but visually they looked closer to being 10 feet across. Ah dream math.

    My dream transitions to me returning to work. I'm on a computer doing or learning stuff. It is next to a wall, and over to my left is a door to the office. Management is in there. Seems I'm early, since my shift hasn't started yet, and I need to get ready. I'm bundled up like its wintertime, strange. So I'm over at the locker area trying to find one to use, which is is as big as a health clubs locker room. The ones I find are either in use, dirty, or too low to the floor. I give up on that, but what is neat is when I leave the locker room the clothes I'm wearing has changed anyway. Now it should have been getting time to swipe in. I had glanced at a clock on the wall, but it was saying something after 11:00. Another one in the hall had a different time, and then the timeclock itself had even a different time! I give up on trying to figure out what time it is, so I ask a co-worker if it is time to do so. She says "yes". She swipes in, and then I swipe in as well, even though the time seems to be off.

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    1. Shadesofcolour's Avatar
      I love the way time,writing etc. never seems standard in a dream!
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