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    Old dream - Cool dream of flying 01/14/05

    by , 04-05-2012 at 05:22 PM (343 Views)
    There was an animal with wings in my dream that was flying and lifting up a chain of people in the process. I was intregued by what it was doing, so I joined the other people in the chain and I was flying along with everyone else. At some point I broke away from the rest of the group and just started flying on my own. At first I flew up into the sky, so high I went into outer space and looked at the moon and the planets, but since there was nothing to do out there, I came back to earth.

    I was still flying, this time more slowly, going exactly where I willed myself to go. I flew through groups of trees, over others, and above power lines. I was having fun. As I was crossing a two lane road, I was low enough for a semi to almost hit me. I got angry as the next semi truck approached me, they didn't want to stop. The next thing I know, I had grabbed the truck, picked it up while still flying, and dropped it on it's side across both lanes. That would stop all traffic for sure.

    Once I did that, I couldn't resist doing it again to at least 2 more semi's with trailers. I also flipped a few smaller trucks as well, and tore holes in their sheet metal with my bare hands. There was also a security truck with millions of dollars in it that I wrecked. I tore it open easily as if it were tinfoil, exposing the money inside. I had no desire to take any of it though. At that point I started waking up and I couldn't stay in my dream.

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