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    Old Dream - Flying 10/05/04

    by , 04-05-2012 at 05:49 PM (413 Views)
    I was flying. I seemed to take off like superman, going mach 5 headed for the stratisphere. That wasn't my intent to go so high or fast. So I conciously had to slow myself down and I decended to about tree-top level, where I just hovered for a moment. It took another effort to will myself to move forward slowly. I was following a path through the trees. It seems like it was a nice cozy park, and I was following a paved walkway through it, but by flight. This was the first time I flew like this with such control. The next thing I remember was that other people had seen me flying and I could tell that they were trying to fly as well but they couldn't. I enjoyed that they couldn't fly or levitate as they would only come up here and end up bugging me. But eventually I landed, and as the DCs gathered around me again, I levitated myself. Everyone else was frustrated because they couldn't, while I was just levitating above them.

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    1. Kage64's Avatar
      Thats a really cool dream! Ive had some re-occuring flying dreams myself, but they were to fly away from my nightmares.