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    Old Dream - The Grim Reaper

    by , 04-05-2012 at 04:47 PM (402 Views)
    I had a dream that the grim reaper was walking on a path nearby. I was above the path, on a metal pedestrian bridge. I think the bridge actually spanned a stream, but I didn't take time to actually look for it. I started yelling at him to get his attention, then spit on him when he ignored me. So the skeleton in black rags with a scythe turned around and went back up the path and past the bridge. So I'm like hey dummy I'm right here as I start going after him. He then turns around towards me, a few steps away, and I start using the dark side force powers on the grim reaper to control him. I can feel the force disturbance I'm causing, and it's like a battle of wills between the grim reaper and I. I feel doomed if I lose the battle, so I keep it up until the reaper brushes by me real annoyed like and heads away from me. At that point I stop using the dark side, and am relieved that nothing came of it.

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