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    Old Dream - looking for Atlantis 12/27/05

    by , 04-05-2012 at 05:09 PM (394 Views)
    I was dreaming that it was the first day of school at college, but not based on my real college days. In this class, I had a hard time following the teacher. So after class was dismissed I was looking at the textbook and blackboard to figure it out more. There was a woman there doing the same thing and we started helping each other. The other classmates just started leaving.

    As we were looking in the book we came across the subject of Atlantis and suddenly we became explorers at the edge of a lake which had an underwater cave. As we went underwater I was holding my breath, but when I couldn't hold it anymore I just started breathing normally. I was breathing water just as you would air! Everything in the underwater cave seemed so beautiful and facinating. What looked like jewels turned out to be living creatures when we got closer to them. One part of the cave was mysterious, it led somewhere else. Somehow we knew it was forbidden to aproach it. After we surfaced and talked about it, we went back to look at it anyway. Besides, we seemed to have lost our clothes now and were naked. As we were looking at the underwater grotto, a fishlike-man creature emerged who forced us to the surface. It turned out he just wanted to speak to us, although I don't remember what he said. I could see this guy had gills as well. We went back down and into the grotto. There was an entrance to an underwater complex there. There was a force holding back the water somehow, yet we stepped through the barrier into an air filled bathroom. I don't know why a bathroom, but it was obvious since it had a toilet, shower, and sink. Oh and this bathroom was actually clean for a change, not like all those other dirty dream bathrooms!

    Now the woman I was was a very attractive woman, but I didn't try to make a move on her. Obviously I liked her and I could tell she returned the feelings. She told me that "they" had her here before and thats when they took her clothes. She wasn't really specific on who "they" were, but I didn't question it. She wanted to find her clothes now, so I followed her not wanting to lose her and get separated. We traveled a-ways down some hallways lined with large pipes and into a large area which looked like a laundry room. She told me this is where her/our clothes were at, pointing to a door. It seemed locked and as we were trying to open it, I woke up.

    The lucid part was when I consciously decided to breathe the water just as you could air.

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