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    Old dream - My child 10/14/04

    by , 04-05-2012 at 05:40 PM (258 Views)
    In my dream I felt like I had a wife in the past, but I think/feel she may be dead now. We had a child though, and it is just me and my baby now. I am in our house and I'm enjoying playing with the baby even though I'm the only parent. Although the dream seems to shift to me being at work where I see a manager and a fellow employee, I end up lining up kids at work, instead of filing cabnets. I do a good job at lining the kids up though. My baby and I are having a great time. Now the dream shifts again, and we explore the 9-11 ruins of the trade center. The ruins in my dream of one tower in my dream is still 8 to 18 stories high, I see the highest level has one bookshelf with books left. Although I am on the ground, I think or fly myself up there.

    I look at the books but only vaguely remember one title: 'Navy ship, (future class)' (There are others, but I don't recall.) Then the remains collapse. As it collapses, I'm back on the ground. Now I go back to my house where I have quality time with my son, I think it is, but just before I wake I'm under the impression my baby may be my daughter.

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