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    Polar Bear in the Cave

    by , 05-07-2013 at 04:01 PM (449 Views)
    I was exploring a cave with my friends, well they were my friends in my dream though I don't know any of them in real life. It was a cave in the mountains and we were finishing up looking for an exit. As we were going along, a polar bear came from a side tunnel towards us. I kept going forward to get away but none of my friends followed me, it seems they went back a little down the path we just came instead. After I had lured the bear off with me, my friends were able to escape up the side tunnel where the bear came and get outside the cave. I manage to elude close contact with the bear, and I'm almost able to go outside too, but the sheer dropoff is preventing me from exiting quickly.

    My friends are around the exit where I'm trying to get out and I can hear them call to me. They are giving me encouragement and advice how to get out. At this point I'm holding the rock face on a steep slope to the dropoff. The bear notices that it can get closer to me if it circles around by going back down the tunnel and coming outside. So I go back inside. The polar bear is on the left side ledge which is higher that me, swiping downwards in my direction. I get lower and there is this pool of water there, so I get halfway into it. My friends start telling me, "hey notice those stones, they seem to be holding the water in. If you can move them out of the way the water will rush out and you can escape." I'm yelling back while counting "the stones seem to be stacked in a wall four to six stones wide. I don't know if it is doable." I get fully down in the water and give a push. The rock wall gives a bit under my force. I yell out "I'm doing this!" then give a mighty shove. The rocks go forth out the side of the mountain with the water and tumble down the mountain. I manage to stay put though.

    With the water gone, I'm able to exit again, but there is still this dropoff there so I need to take care and go slow. The bear is above me again, growling and pawing about. I try to ignore it and just focus on what I'm doing. Suddenly the bear loses it footing when it tries to get too close to me and falls down the slope, flies over my head, then continues to fall down the cliff bouncing along the rocks as it does so. It looks like a horrible way to go, but at least I'm safe now and join my friends.

    Although I really didn't go lucid in the dream, I do know I made a conscious decision by using what seemed to be super strength in pushing the rock wall apart. My DC friends were only suggesting that I move the rocks one by one. That process would have taken forever.

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