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    The Resistance - ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

    by , 11-06-2014 at 01:16 PM (493 Views)
    There were high speed rail lines in these giant tubes that linked cities together. They were built above the roads inside the cities and above bridges. Out in rural areas these tubes were just on the ground instead. I was given a birds eve view of the layout of this tube system as if I was hovering above and panning out. Now, I was on one of these trains and we had to stop them before they finished their system to rule over the land. This train was going fast too. The task I was given was to find a key symbol of theirs used as a passcode. It happened to be on the train. This symbol happened to be engraved on this tablet that was 3 foot tall by 2 foot wide and a few inches thick. Even though there were guards nearby, I managed to open a floor hatch. Then flipped the tablet over with my foot, causing it to go through the floor opening. I made a note of where I had kicked it out, near this overpass. I was pretty sure the guards were mad that I did this, but somehow I escaped from them before they got me.

    The dream scene changes, and now I'm with my team searching for the tablet in the area I had kicked it out. We had to be careful, they just happened to have security cameras next to the overpass. One of our team did find it, then we had to run since I think we were discovered by their security system.

    We met up at this old factory/warehouse where we found that some other of our team members had broken their computer code and had developed a virus to attack their computer system to take it down. Our virus was put on a music cd and smuggled to us so we could analyze it. It was chopped up and encoded into the blank areas between the music tracks. I watched as they de-ciphered the hidden chunks. Before we could go further, we had to cover our tracks we were there. I helped move these pallets of inventory around the factory to do so. As we finish up one of the ladies catches my eye and I was checking her out. The dream fades out though and ends.

    Though this dream was a non-lucid, it was pretty cool anyways. This dream turned out to be more exciting than what I could have come up with lucidly, lol. The timing of this dream happens to coincide with the annual Guy Fawkes "remember 5th of November" thing, weird.

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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Pretty cool dream indeed!