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    Rude Mall DC

    by , 04-18-2012 at 01:19 PM (357 Views)
    My first dream was me going back to work, but the management there still giving me stress more than twice as much as usual. I'd rather not remember any more than that of this dream.

    Later on my youngest sister and I were in a mall walking around window shopping. This mall had a main isle laid out in a big semi-circular pattern, although it continued on after that as a straight hallway. We stopped to see a couple movies at the theater. That was nice. After the movies, we spilt up but decided to meet back at the theater at a certain time. After wandering around for a bit, I decided it was time to go back to the theater. The mall was so big, walking was going to take forever. I decided to run, and reached the end of the mall quickly. Oh no, this is the wrong end, I went the wrong way!

    There was a display there showing a map of the mall, so I'm trying to look at it and see what I did wrong, and what way to go to get back where I want to be. Although the display model somewhat resembles the mall, it is confusing so I decide not to waste any more time looking at it. I start heading the other way getting ready to run, there is only one route to follow anyway. There is 2 speedwalkers in front of me, a couple. I'm slowly jogging by this point and trying to pick up speed but they are in my way. As I start to go around the guy, he puts his arm out to block me from doing so, as if he were going to clothesline me. I'm like, "oh no you didn't!" It's a good thing for him I woke up at this point, or we were gonna fight.

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