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    Runnng Hard!

    by , 10-08-2014 at 01:55 AM (280 Views)
    In this lucid dream, I was able to run super fast. It started in a park where I was walking along with some other people. There was a stream coming off a hill, as from a spring. It was nice there as it flowed down the gently sloping rock face & meandered along next to the sidewalk a ways. The dream was becoming more vivid for me and I felt like going for a run. I started off at a brisk jog, but then soon sped up to what would be an all out sprint in real life, but going in excess of 20 mph. I was able to keep up this mind numbing pace for several miles, maybe 3 to 5 miles, without even getting winded. The normal signs of running were not there, my heart didn't beat any faster, nor did I need to breathe any harder. It was like I could run forever and not tire, but I did stop eventually as the thrill of it waned. As I ran I passed several people on the walkway, even people on bicycles. No one shall catch up to me, even if anyone was even trying.

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    Tags: running, sprint