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    Shooting a Laser Gun at a UFO

    by , 05-15-2013 at 03:49 PM (409 Views)
    I was out with some friends in the wilderness with some forested areas spaced out between clearings. It is also hilly and kind of rugged terrain. All of a sudden, a UFO appears rising up from behind a hill that has a cliff on it's far side. It goes straight up into my view, stops for half a second, then darts to the right. It is not going straight, but circling our position above the hills going around and around us several times. It only takes 3 seconds for it to make a circuit around us. After spiraling around us for 5 times or so, I'm tired of it doing so. So I reach down, somehow knowing I'm packing, and pull out a laser gun. This was part of me visualizing a real laser gun into my dream, knowing it is there whether I knew it or not before. It is a kind that resembles a blaster from Star Wars. Anyway I aim at the UFO and fire several shots. One of my blasts lands a glancing blow on the UFO, sending its propulsion systems a little out of control. The UFO slows down now and is an easier target but still wizzing around overhead. I watch its movements a few more seconds, compensate, then I take my shot. My blaster shot lands square on the UFO this time sending it straight down into the drink. It happens to be over the ocean at this time. It gets a little hazy after this, but my friends and I were in the ocean doing a scuba dive to look at the UFO. Then the dream transitioned into another one.

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