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    Sleeping within a dream

    by , 04-09-2012 at 01:54 PM (391 Views)
    This dream was about being in a oversized house, it had at least 7 bedrooms. It was a 2 story house with a basement and I was a guest there along with my family and relatives. Everyone was shown where they were to sleep for the night, I had to sleep in a kids bed. It was undersize and only 4 ft long, I'm over 6 ft! How am I supposed to sleep? Well I try anyway. I could lay there head on my pillow and lower legs dangling over the edge, rediculous. I got back up and wandered around, spying on the sizes of the other beds and if they were all being used. As I looked around I could tell most bedrooms were being used, and seen some couples that were unpacking. This one bedroom I walked in, the door was open, one couple was naked in bed there, you know kissing and stuff. As soon as I seen them out of the corner eye I just turned around and walked back out. I'm thinking to myself 'oops'. They could have shut the door, you know?

    Well I went back to my bed, I think I ended up curling up and going to sleep within my dream, but if I had a dream within a dream I don't remember it. I think my dream went hazy as I "slept" within my dream. Once I woke up again, I went to complain to my mom about the sleeping conditions. She said she would try and get me a different bed for the next night.

    The dream scene changes and its later in the day, I am at a mall. I'm just wandering around aimlessly looking at stuff. I remember having some interactions with my DCs at this point that seemed important to me somehow, I just can't remember the details. I'm getting the impression this girl I'll call Ann was there, but I can't say for sure. Someone I used to know, a girl I had a big time crush on. The dream scene changes again and now I'm on a 2 layer bus with the tour group. It is a silver bus, with the black tinted windows. All the seats are filled, I don't think I had so many DCs packed in such a small area before. I was on the upper level, so I decide to get up and walk to the lower level. As I reached the lower level is where I woke up.

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