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    Some Dream Fragments

    by , 04-26-2012 at 02:51 PM (311 Views)
    I was attempting to WILD this morning after a nights sleep. I kept getting short dreams or interesting hallucinations I wrote down.

    Some audios: "why aren't we hitting Edward Mann up?"
    "religion was foiled in supplication for fake vigilance."
    "went to Aztec, California. I was planning on buying a kilophone."
    "atomic resonance of silver is the distance squared."
    "Brokinski epitome of the human condition."

    A short dream poem that I saw on a plaque and heard myself reading it out loud:
    forgive me when I'm hurt,
    for I am crying in the dirt.
    soothe me when I'm at home,
    for I am sad and so alone.

    Fragment: A helicopter was flying nearby and I seen a naked woman either fall out or perhaps pushed out. She tried to flap her arms as if she was trying to fly, but that didn't help. She was flailing her arms so fast it looked like she had six arms. Once she gained six arms, she suddenly had six breasts as well to match. She fell into some trees which helped break her fall, but then I lost sight of her. As she was falling from the helicopter I heard a narrative "Ryan Seacrest went crazy about it because she never returned his call."

    Fragment: Americans made a mad rush on stores because there was a crisis in Europe. Kids (teens) were attacking other kids, throwing bricks through cars, and setting other kids on fire.

    I also had a short dream how the shadow people could come through walls as an invisible black mist then appear to solidify into a denser black mist/shadow. Then they could re-form themselves into the figure of a person's shadow, a black being.

    Another dream: I was lucidly masturbating in my dream, it became so long and hard I didn't even have to bend down to suck it. I seemed to be in my car at the time. After that I got out of the car, still half naked and was walking around not caring if my DCs saw me naked or not. I had keys to go into a brick house, it felt like I owned it in the dream, but it looked nothing like my house. Then I went back outside, crossed a double road, 2 lanes going each way, and walked down the far sidewalk still not wearing pants.

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