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    Summer 2011 - Dream Fight

    by , 04-06-2012 at 01:16 AM (369 Views)
    I had somehow got involved in a gunfight that my DCs were having with each other. I'm not sure what they were fighting about, but I ended up on one side where I was handed a semi-automatic gun. Both sides had cover to hide behind, and fire from. I happened to be hiding behind a sandbag wall, popping up occationally & firing a few rounds. I got a few hits, and I know at least one of them was a kill. But our side still wasn't doing good enough. Many more DCs on my side were getting killed than the opposing side. All of a sudden I realized I could turn the tide of battle, I became lucid. Fully standing up from behind my cover I laid waste to any target presenting itself. Though unfortinuately, this meant I was taking hordes of bullets, mainly through my torso area. I didn't care, I could barely feel them as they passed through my body. They couldn't kill me, nothing could. One by one, our side started gaining the advantage and we overran the enemy position. My invulnerability to damage saved the day!
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    1. Kage64's Avatar
      Thats a cool dream, in that sort of situation, the bullets would probably put me in shock and take me down! (it feels so weird taking damage in a dream)
    2. KarmicReaction's Avatar
      That's weird (but in a good way, of course) Because I had a dream similar to what you described in your post... Maybe we could perhaps have a talk about it and see what we can gather from it and possibly share our experiences.