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    Vampires- Love Bites 05/01/10

    by , 04-05-2012 at 03:02 PM (480 Views)
    I had a dream that I was a vampire and was traveling along a coastal road with a female companion. She was a vampire as well. We stoped at an abandoned house along the road. It was in need of repair, the floor was falling apart. There were floorboards missing and I was considering fixing it somehow. There was no time to however, we had to keep moving.

    As we traveled up the coast, it started raining and we had to cross swollen rivers that overflowed their banks. We came to another house which appeared older and made of stone. It was set between a mountain and the sea. Inside we found someone had been doing experiments with chemicals. No one but us was around though. I picked up some vials and my vampire senses told me these were for enhancing longevity of mortals. They weren't meant to be taken by beings who were already immportal. So I set them back where I found them and we set out again on the road. The mountain was on our left and the sea, to our right. The road ahead curved towards the left and going around the mountain, well almost. As we headed along it inland the road rose up going uphill. Soon we made it to a mountain pass. On the other side of the pass was a castle. It turned out that this was where we were heading all along.

    Inside the castle was very spacious and well decorated. There were plenty of people there doing things and enjoying themselves. Most people were non-vampires, but they knew about the vampires and didn't mind us. It seems only the "uncivilized" vampires sucked peoples blood without their consent. Once we reached a private room in the castle, my female companion and I had sex. We had an intimate bond but it didn't exclude going out with other vampires. A little later on we went to the theatre in the castle, where we met up with another couple to enjoy some performance. They were vampires as well. I was instantly attracted to this new woman, and I could tell she was just as much attracted to I. We got to know each other quickly, and my traveling companion didn't mind, it seems this was the vampire way. I started giving her a massage, and after a few minutes it turned into massaging her breasts. She couldn't keep her hands off me either and we ended up having sex right there in the theatre.

    Now I was with my new female companion and we were outside. It was an area between the castle and the cliff, which was a sharp dropoff. The area was big enough, like the area of a football field, and the view was really nice. Coming up the path was another vampire, bloody from feeding. As she got near us she started puking blood, looking sickly. The ground itself cracked open, recieving the blood she puked as if the ground itself was thirsty for the blood. How strange. It must have been she fed on too much of her victim's blood and got sick. I moved closer to her and took a striking position in order to attack and kill her. After a minute though she stoped puking and you could tell she visibly got better. So I didn't need to kill her after all. My new lover and I comforted each other after seeing all this. Her embrace was so nice and we were kissing. I could feel her fangs against my lips and I told her, 'now, no biting'. She retracted her fangs and started using her tongue instead, which was very enjoyable. Things got more intense and passionate and we ended up having sex again.

    The woman who was sick earlier started talking to us and we found out she was the one using the chemicals that we came across in the house earlier. Somehow she was having a bad reaction to them, they had turned her vampire-like but now they were wearing off. I remember asking her how long she had been using them, like it might have been thousands of years. But she said not long, only for a couple months, said she was 34 years old. Once the chemicals completely wore off, all her hair fell out and her skin was flaking. I gave her a hug at this point to comfort her. When she took a step back and I looked at her again she had all her hair back and was a normal mortal once again.

    Then I woke up.

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