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    Way Down South (in the swamp)

    by , 05-03-2012 at 02:25 PM (480 Views)
    Some friends and I were in the back of an SUV, being driven somewhere as if on vacation. There were 2 girls and a guy with me, one of the girls looked like a Michelle I used to know in HS. The four of us took up the whole back seat. We stopped somewhere at a large house, it seemed like a southern plantaton. We were doing some stuff there and looking around, my memory is kind of vague here. Next thing I know we are in a shower room with 4 separate showers in alcoves, everyone picks a shower, undresses, and uses it. I am in the shower on the end. Michelle was in the next one over, she kept her naked body mostly hidden by staying back in the shower, where I was kind of standing out in front of my shower more in the room. I had used my washcloth and rinsed off, then was going to use the washcloth again, but some lady on the staff comes by when my back was turned, thinking I don't see her. She changes my washcloth for a new one and leaves. I grab the new washcloth, it is dry, shame I will have to use it on my ears since it was just replaced.

    The dream transitions to outside, where I am clothed now. I can tell I got shorts on and shoes, a shirt too of course. There is a guy there, I guess he is kind of like a tour guide. He is crushing a can with the heel of his shoe, getting ready to enter the swamp. I find a can to crush under my shoe as well and I'm asking him if he's going out there. He says, "yes, you want me to take you out there too?" I ask, "aren't there alligators out there?" He says, "why yes there are." I say, "That sounds dangerous. Aren't you afraid we will get bit?" He goes, "nah, I'll show you how to step around them. Just follow my lead."

    I completed a goal of mine to remember a conversation with a DC, yay!

    I enter the murky water, it is cold on my legs at first and gets my shoes soaked through. The water comes up past my knees and I can't see anything that might be in it. I'm thinking this is nuts, but ok. I follow the guy into the reeds, and the rest of my friends follow us as well. As he spots the areas with the gators, he tells us where to step around. I enter 3rd person view and can now see the whole group making our way through the reed field, and I can now see through the water to see the alligators we are avoiding. Although we do seem to be getting closer to them than I'd like, the gators don't move as we pass them. I do see a couple gators move around after we get past them though. I'm still in 3rd person and I see we are picking the ripe tomatoes and will be bringing them back to the house. There were 5 gators just in this one reed field alone, I can still see where they are, and I wonder how they get enough food since they seemed kind of close together.

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