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    Wild Thang

    by , 04-29-2012 at 02:53 PM (759 Views)
    In a previous dream, I was with my sister and we were looking for something. We were outside walking around and at one point she is hugging me, I'm hugging her back of course. Somehow I become sexually attracted to my sister here, but I want to stay in denial about it and resist that sexual attraction throughout the rest of the dream. We came across a old house that is half fallen apart from weathering. The roof is mostly gone and a good portion of the one upstairs wall also. This is where I start to go a little lucid and have some fun. I peel back the walls of the house with telekenisis as if they were layers of an onion, until only the stairs leading to the basement remain. Doing this seems to shorten our search, I just can't remember what we are looking for. It must have been something good though, as if it were gold or something I feel. I know I head down into the basement with my sister still searching and someone else shows up to help, but then my dream transitions to the next one.

    The next dream still has the same thing, though this time it is my female cousin who is actually flirting with me. This time I just go along with it and I'm flirting back with her. It seems she gets out of some of her clothes and as we are walking around outside I'm play teasing her with her black panties. I keep following her and she has headed into this tent. She is lying down inside the tent and I start play teasing with her black panties again and looking at her good stuff.

    From there I just remember walking up some steps in a park with plenty of DCs around. There is a girl there handing out stuff, but everyone is ignoring her for some reason. As I near her, out of curiousity I stop and she hands me some stuff. I take it not wanting to be rude. I'm still following the flow of the crowd up into this building in the park, and as I go I notice that among the stuff she gave me is a joint of pot. I'm a little concerned I'm carrying this thing, so I start looking for a place to ditch it. I'm in the building now, decending a spiral staircase that hugs the outer wall. When I think no one is looking, I chuck the joint over the railing and let it fall wherever. About halfway down I start noticing it is smoky in here, and when I get to the bottom I see a bunch of people smoking pot all over the place. Guess I really didn't have to worry about the one I was carrying. I was down there, amused by the goings on for a few minutes, but then I had enough of it and left. I headed back up to the main floor. It turns out that some DCs actually live in this odd shaped building and it is their home. They were telling me that they own this and land in the park, even though it is a public park as well. Something like grandfather rights or something. Seems unusual, but I try not to think about it too much. As I was leaving I cross this neat little outdoor garden area kept in a greko-roman style, complete with statues and a little walkway. After I went through this area I woke up.

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