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    Will Arnold "be back"?

    by , 04-09-2012 at 02:42 PM (401 Views)
    These are the dreams I remember when I woke up in the middle of the night. We were fighting against little "alien" reptile like creatures, I wasn't attacked I managed to avoid it by staying off the floor. There were counters and machines you could climb on. Arnold Schwarzenegger was there helping us as well, as if he came off the set of Predator. He managed to break open this incubation machine that was 5 foot wide, 8 foot high, and 8 foot long. We could hear the creatures scurrying about on the floor, looking for someone to attack. He got past the machine's security layers, but Arnold misjudged what would happen when he breached the final layer. As he turned the lid on this thing and reached inside to get the alien embryo, the machine shut itself back up and trapped Arnold inside. As the machine was pulling him inside, Arnold yelled "save yourself, get out!" It also let another alien creature go to run about on the floor.

    The dream scene changes and they must have called the Navy out to take care of the situation. I'm on this Navy vessel in this channel, along with several other Navy ships. There was every type of Navy ship there you could imagine. In fact there were too many of them too close together. Some of the tougher vessels actually collided with smaller Navy vessels and I remember 3 sank from the collisions. We sailed over top the sunken cruiser with the battleship I was on and kept going. There were civilian boats in the water and they too were hit and sank. We didn't get to wherever we were going before I woke up.

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    1. GoldenLight's Avatar
      Oh no! Arnie got stuck! Say it isn't so. "Save yourself!"
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