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    Wizards of Rendorkeep

    by , 05-15-2013 at 05:33 PM (669 Views)
    In this Harry Potterlike dream, my two friends and I are wizards. We are in this large campus that is integrated right into the town, probably makes up half the town. What would be the town center is like the official field for the school to use for its magical practice, training, and competitions. This field leads up to the main school building that seems to sit near the base of a mountain that overshadows the town. My friends are here in this field and we are testing our magic here. They are both guys. We were mainly using directed energy spells, shock blasts, energy beams, like that. My one friend was so much better that I was at it. The other one was pretty much my equal or maybe just a tad less. I was doing some damage at the targets, but my one friend was leveling them and scorching the earth to boot. He even used a spell that I couldn't to cause a mass of dirt to form into a large golem like creature that was under his control until he ended the spell. It could only be kept up by concentration. This earth golem was about 8 foot tall and probably weighed a ton or two.

    I remember asking him how come he was so good at it. Especially since it seemed so easy for him, even though I put in more study time than he. He was telling me that it just came naturally to him. Being daring I wanted to test both our powers against each other. We cast a few spells at each other, but his overcame my spells by a factor of ten. Even though his shock blast blew up like a grenade at my feet, I got up off the ground just a bit dazed but otherwise fine. After the contest was finished, we parted ways to seek adventure. I chose to go through the mountain tunnel. It gets a bit hazy here, and the dream kinda fades to coming back to the field area.

    Now that we have gathered again, I see my one powerful friend has changed outfits. He has some snazzy wizard threads on. I'm chatting with him about it, he says he had them tailor made then endued them with magic before going on his adventure. Seems he had a good adventure off fighting and using magic, and getting the bounty. He was relating to me a tale like you would have playing Dungeons & Dragons. Well thats what I got from it. He went on to explain he now got these magic rings from his adventure, giving him more magical ability. I'm noticing them on his hands, they do look really cool. I'm getting this really weird feeling though looking at someone else's hands in a dream. His main power ring seems to be made of platinum. I'm looking at his right hand kinda close up, it is kinda like looking at your own hands in a dream feeling, but this is a DC's hand. I think I faded into another short dream scene, nothing that I remember, but it was really short anyway. Then I woke up.

    Just to note, my adventure was boring compared to his. I didn't find anything, it was like a dream cut scene but I know this was the outcome.

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    1. Batch's Avatar
      That was a fun one ... even if the other guy did have more power than you. Still a lot of fun!