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    1-1-19 long bath

    by , 01-01-2019 at 11:29 AM (481 Views)
    Dreamed of⚘ wanting a bath ⚘
    big enough foor a 6ft man to laydown in.

    I told the woman
    where I last had a bath (24 years ago)
    that I was going to buy my own long bath.

    She, showed me the Table tennis shed.
    Maybe put the big bath in there.
    I said
    I will boil 4 steel-buckets of water
    on the 4 burner stove
    and use those buckets
    to fill my long bath when I get it.

    Behind that table tenis shed
    there was an old man in a caravan
    with extended awning blue. (Eod)

    Just realised
    that my new Gym's swimming pool
    is that big bath.
    I will go to that gym
    just to enjoy soaking
    and playing in that heated pool.

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