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    1/365 "Message"

    by , 01-01-2013 at 06:19 AM (413 Views)
    Woke New Years Day 2 pm my dreams gently fly away, uncaught. As I walked down the corridor to the loo I became aware that I was humming what was in my head:

    "I am gods creature.
    Of him I am part
    I feel his love
    awakening my heart"

    here it is


    New Years Eve (yesterday) I went to pictures ans saw Les Miserables, it ended with:

    "When you Love someone else you see the face of God"

    just now as I was searching for a Youtube of the song I was humming. Here it is:


    My dream for 2013 is to put 365 dreams in this dream journal and bring at least one new person every ten-days to post some of their 2013 dreams in their own DV DJ.

    I hope to bring at least 36 to DV (36x50= 1,800 Community Hall Pionts) That is my dream.

    Wow look what I just found:


    "If you want your dream to be
    build it slow and surely
    small beginings
    greater ends
    Heart felt work grows purely

    If you want to live life free
    Take your time, go slowely

    Do few things
    but do them well
    Simple joys are Holy

    Day by day, stone by stone,
    build your secret slowely.

    Day by day, you'll grow too,
    You'll know Heavens Glory.

    if you want your dream to be.
    Build it slow and surely.

    Small beginnings
    Greater ends
    Heart felt work grows purely.

    If you want to live life free
    Take your time go slowely."

    actually when I put "brother son and sister moon" into the Youtube search bar and the list appeared, the second picture of the guy in the snow made me click it first. So I got the above "message" before I found the song I woke-up humming.

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    1. EbbTide000's Avatar
      Dear Reader

      Whole Wonderfull Film (2 hours,)

      Brother Sun, Sister Moon (1972)


      uploaded by RosesEternal on 16-April-2012.

      13,511 view now

      Please enjoy.

      Films are eventually removes (due to copyright issues) when the authorities find them.