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    by , 03-03-2015 at 04:46 AM (552 Views)
    Week 1 March 1 to 7, I will Dream of picture in week 1 envelope in DebraJane's dream game box

    1-March Sunday. No remembered dreaml
    2-March Monday. No remembered dream.
    3-March Tuesday. I took the H30 bus to Henley Beach Square. I took the envelope. When I woke-up this morning I had a waking image (hipnapopic image) of circles of light on a black background.

    Then I remembered that one of the 23 calander pictures I ripped out of the 20, 2015 calendars, folded twice and sealed in brown envelopes, was big stars in outer space.

    So, maybe (???)

    But I'd rather a dream not just an hipnapomp.

    So, I'm off to Henley Beach again and tonight I hope to DREAM of the picture in the envelop.

    Here is what Wikipedia says about waking images:

    A hipnapompic state**(or*hypnapomp) is the*state of consciousness*leading out of*sleep.

    It is a term coined by the*psychical researcher*Frederic Myers.

    Its twin is the*hypnagogic*state at sleep onset;

    though often conflated, the two states are not identical.

    The hypnagogic state is*rational*waking*trying to make sense of non-linear images and associations;

    the hypnopompic state is*emotional*and credulous*dreaming*cognition trying to make sense of real world*stolidity. They have a different*phenomenological*character.

    Depressed*frontal lobe*function in the first few minutes after waking known as "sleep inertia" causes slowed*reaction time*and impaired*short-term memory. Sleepers often wake confused, or speak without making sense, a phenomenon thepsychologist*Peter McKeller calls "hypnopompic speech".[1]*

    When the awakening occurs out of rapid eye movement*(REM) sleep, in which most dreams occur, the hypnopompic state is sometimes accompanied by lingering vivid imagery.

    Some of the creative insights attributed to dreams actually happen in this moment of awakening from REM. In*Deirdre Barrett's*The Committee of Sleep,*Margie Profet's McArthur-award winning biology experiment is shown to be one of these. [2]
    But in my opinion there is more to falling to sleep images and waking images.

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    1. EbbTide000's Avatar
      Here is the calendar picture that was folded inside the envelope, infront of my Care Bear, in the dream remote viewing box. (March 1st to March 7, 2015) I hope the link works




      Now I will shuffle the 22 sealed, brown envelops and pick another target envelope and lean that envelope on my care bears chest. And ask "Our-Dreaming-Mind to give me dreams about this calendar picture. (8th of March to the 14th of March)