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    1 Scrap Metal

    by , 12-10-2014 at 11:00 PM (400 Views)
    Before sleeping i said

    "Our Dreaming Mind, give me a dream about kadie's week 1 target"

    I just woke out of a dream

    It is (6:30 am Thursday 11-Dec) where I live and
    It is (12pm Wednesday 10-Dec) where kadie lives.


    I woke-up slowely in a bed with another.
    I knew I had to steal that persons bag of metal parts.
    Keeping my head on my pillow I kept putting my hand in the bag, grabbing a handfull of spare-parts and placing the spare parts betweem their head and mine, between our pillows.

    The other person opened their eyes.
    I thought I was sprung (caught in the act of stealing) but they nodded and went back to sleep.

    I got up, put my booty in a small bag, covered the parts of a Data or C3PO-like robot with a small thin tea-towel. (Edit: two and then three antennas were poking-up and I was afraid the protruding antennas would get me caught) I went outside. I needed to escape. I was mostly relaxed. Two or 3 girls came to me to confirm the way off the nice prison premises.

    But they said that I mustn't try to leave yet. I need to see John.

    I walk through an office door and a 40-50 year old heavy-set, kind looking man, stood-up from his desk (with lots of work on it) and gently greeted me.

    It felt like his job was to help the many, many inmates of this nice prison to escape. End of dream (eod)

    Soooo o o o

    My guess is that the 1st kadie target is a pile of ... er... metal junk ... that can be assembled into a Star War's C3PO or a Star Trek's Data.


    I think I have to lean how to assemble it to get out of this nice prison.

    Here is the thread hat inspired my "above" dream.




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