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    28th attempt - debraJane - Refugee

    by , 09-04-2011 at 10:56 PM (479 Views)
    28th attempt Chicken Itza , DebraJane, Refugee.

    Just woke it is 6:51 am.

    I was in a refugee camp and trucks were going passed to close to the tiny tent I was sleeping in,

    I kept pocking my head out.

    Finally, i pocked my head out and my sleeping tent was loaded on a long trailer, low to the grownd, being pulled by a big lorry.

    Then my lorry took the high road while the war lorries peeled off and went down an off ramp to another highway.

    I was ok with that and pulled my head back in to my sleeping tent and went back to sleep.

    This may have been a recurring dream last night because woke three times it it was foremost in my memory.

    The pealing off (just now) reminded me of a Youtube i watched before sleeping (about midnight). I will post this.and the Youtube on my ôsync threadô when i get to Netzone Internet Cafe later to day.

    Insideout emailled me about being my dream partner at Chicken Itza.

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