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    54 today. Dreamdrought broke

    by , 10-12-2013 at 07:19 AM (447 Views)
    Birthday Bonanza of dreams

    I woke out of lots of fresh dreams this morning. I wrote them up then checked my phone for date and time. I was excited about the sudden break in my dream drought. The phone read noon Saturday 12-October-2013.

    Wow I am 54 today.

    In one part of the dream this woman (who looked a lot like the hard working, motherly, host of the pdc) caused my bed to disappear and a heavy (drawing or painting) easel was in its place. She threw a new single matress at the heavy easel and it turned into a slightly slopey bed.

    She said:

    "try in out"

    So I got on the bed. I liked it.

    When I woke I thought maybe the pdc host (or a part of me) wanted to use my dreaming mind as a canvas to draw or paint desired dreams on.

    Lots more but I'll keep the rest in book I got today. I hope to write out all my remembered dreams till I'm 55.

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