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    amazing false awakening

    by , 11-20-2014 at 02:00 PM (360 Views)
    Hi Gig*

    Last week Saturday 23 Jan (2010) a long term guest and friend here at the boarding house told me he was going interstate for a month to have a holiday with friends. Later he handed me his key as he enthusiastically pulled a suitcase trolly out the front door, heading off to the Interstate bus station.*

    A couple of days later, say, Wednesday 27 January, I was coming out of my room and as I walked down the corridor I saw the guest (Steve) come down the stairs and turn to the bench, checking to see if he had any mail. As he picked up and looked at the envelopes I thought "he is supposed to be at the Gold Coast for another 3 weeks with friends having a holiday".*

    I distinctly thought:*

    "I guess things have gone wrong for him to be back so soon but I will not pri as he probably won't want to talk about it".*

    I said "Hi Steve" and with out looking up he said "Hi Deb". And I walked passed him to the kitchen and put the kettle on and went on with my day.*

    I didn't see him Thursday or Friday or Yesterday. So, to day, while I was cleaning I asked some other guests if they had seen Steve in the last couple of days. They hadn't.*

    So that was a blinking DREAM.*

    It is as if my mind is going to extraordinary lengths to get me LUCID.*

    There was absolutely NOTHING dreamlike about that experience, except that, in the dream, I knew he shouldn't be there cos he was at the Gold Coast having a holiday with friends.*

    Just thought I'd share that.

    I found that old experience just now as I was reading som of gigs interesting old posts on another old site and decided that I want it in my dream journal.

    Steve returned after his month holiday. That was over 4, almost 5 years ago.
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