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    Barbie doll

    by , 09-27-2018 at 10:06 AM (116 Views)
    Woke 6pm (nap) Thursday 27-Sept-18

    A beautiful Barbie doll being taken to the hospital.

    Her big curly haired boyfriend rang
    the 000 emergency services
    was told "get her outside her doctor's "closed" surgery
    and an ambulance will pick her up from there.

    Dream ends with me carfully holding
    the back of Barbie's head.
    She is in my left, deep, coat pocket.
    Barbie is talking to me. (giving instruction)

    There is me and pocket barbie
    An ordinary 60 year old granny
    And the jolly,
    50 year old curly haired boyfriend of the little doll Barbie

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