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    Coincidence 1a Bleeding Money DemiDevil

    by , 11-10-2018 at 02:04 AM (359 Views)
    ⚘Bleeding money⚘by DemiDevil17 13:02

    LINK to dream journal
    I could not find a comment box
    So I will put it in my dream journal




    so I was layed in bed in the astral plane
    before this became a lucid dream

    the events take place in 4 places
    that lead back to my bed
    before I wake up
    so as I was crucified in my bed
    with only the ceiling and the floor to see
    and a couple of props for place one
    as I start to dream

    I can feel my body fading
    as a dark light gesture where I see myself
    walking out a door
    from where I'm laying with my eyes closed
    as if I were playing a third person video game

    as my conscious was attaining lucidity I teleport
    to a cash register where the second place started
    where I reach in my pocket and pull out blood⚘
    as I drench my hand in the bleeding cusp
    and try to pay him ✔
    with the drenching blood dripping from my hands ✔
    as that happen

    I was in a seemless car ride
    where I only seen car moving on the side of me
    but there was no being in the vehicle
    it was jus the dash the sky and the car

    for place three at the fourth place
    I was in abandon warehouse
    where I reach from where the cash register was
    while still in lucidity of the blood
    I sit down to make sure I'm not dying
    as I stand up I see

    ⚘money falling from the ground in a upward motion⚘
    like the sky was upside down
    and the ground was the sky

    then I fade out
    where my hands were in my pocket
    then wake up jus staring
    OMG Coincidance

    Just stopped listening to The Penny Arcade by Roy Obison.

    To chech the front pade of Dreamviews your dream was at the top. This song is about those machines in Australia we call "the pokies"

    They metaphorically drain people dry
    Not of thier blood
    But their livelyhood (money)

    They sometimes sound a bit like cash registers
    When you win.

    I was playing this song about the pokies just before comming here abd seeing your dream (about an hour ago niw. I got two other folk on Messenger messenger ing me)


    Penny Arcade

    Roy Orbison

    A light shown in the night some way ahead,
    blue turned into green then it was red
    And stirring the night love music played
    the light I saw in the night was a penny arcade (pokies)

    Hey step up and play
    each machine seemed to say,
    as I walked round and round the penny arcade
    Just ring the bell
    on the big bagatelle
    and you'll make all those colored lights cascade
    And music played
    at the penny arcade,
    yes it played and it played, played all the time
    Roll up and spend your last dime

    At first
    ⚘I thought it a dream⚘
    that I was in,
    lost, lost in a sea of glass and tin

    But no,
    so dipping⚘ my hand in the back of my jeans
    I grabbed a handful of coins to feed the machine


    Roll up and spend your last, roll up and spend your last, roll up and spend your last dime!

    Songwriters: Sammy King





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