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    Cottonball sized hen chicks

    by , 02-16-2013 at 10:06 AM (455 Views)

    This morning I wake and remembered:

    I pushed a door and at my foot was a tiny cotton ball sized hens chick. I bent downand gently pushed it but it fell over. Then I noticed a second cotton ball sized chick. I pushed them gently, with my palm and fingers and they rolled over, together. Then I picked them up wondering what to do with them.

    They needed there mum. I coulden't think what a chicksvmum wpuld look like. (?).

    Then there wss a tiny sleeping kitten. Ah, that's the cotton ball chicks mum.

    I put the chicks on top of their mother-kitten. Then there are two more cotton ball size hen-chicks. I go to pick them up but can't because there little duck-like (paddle) feet have tiny-sharp claws and they grab the grownd.

    I soon get the new two speckled chicks onto y hand and put themon the sleeping kitten. The kitten becomes a very tiny "siamese" mother cat" and it hisses.

    But it settles down and accepts its chick brood. I can't lift the four cottonball chicks off the kitten because the tiny claws on their duck and chicken feet won't letgo of mum. They feel safe, sitting on mum.

    After I wake I wonder if the tiny Siamese mum cat is mt Tulpa, Buckello. And Buckello wants to look after the tiny cottonball sized hen chicks.

    I need to feed all 5 Tulpa's. Buckello who is originally a white mouse but wants to be a Siamese cat mum, and the four tiny cottonball sized hen chicks.

    They (all 5) are all too tiny. I think they all need feeding.

    But, just now I realize that maybe only my original Tulpa, the white mouse "Buckello" needs feeding because, as a tiny Siamese cat mum, he can look after and feed the four tiny, cottonball sized, hen chicks.

    I think I will feed my (dream-invading) Tulpa, buckello, each time I think of him.

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    1. EbbTide000's Avatar
      Looking for why I dreamt of 4 cottonball sized chicks being nurtured by tiny-Siamese mum-cat (my mouse Tulpa in disguise). Just found this:

      The Private Life of Chickens
      Uploaded 10-February-2013
    2. EbbTide000's Avatar
      At the (1:52) point of (58:00) Youtube a chicken kills and swallows a mouse.

      Maybe my lively Tulpa, Buckello, is explaining why he wants to be a Siamese Cat in my dreams, instead of a mouse. Everything wants to eat him when he's a mouse.

      The Private Life of Chickens
      Uploaded 7 days ago. 408 views

      (0:13) They're nearly 7 billion humans on Earth. But they're are 16 billion chickens. They're the closest living relative to Tyrannosaurus Rex (T. Rex). There are more of them than any other bird.


      Chickens are very familiar to us but we know next to nothing about them. (1:24)

      I've decided to set-up a series of experiments to study their behaviour and get inside their minds. (1:34)

      (3:52) What on Earth had made the Chicken the most successful bird in the world?

      (16:47) Chickens originated in Tailand but were brought to Europe 2,000 years ago. In the 16th century, Europeans carried chickens all around the world.

      (22:33)...but chickens see movement at double the speed of human vision. Where we see quick-movement as a blur, they see the detail.

      (23:30) Chichens hunt, and it's certain death for any mouse or frog that strays into a chicken run.
    3. EbbTide000's Avatar

      I just finished watching a Noon TV program called "Charmed" When Phoebe has a vision of herself being burnt to death, the sisters travel 10 years in the future to find out what happened.

      They didn't save her. Even Phoebe stopped them and walked back to the apparatus to burn alive. As she was burning all three sisters found themselves back in the present, very shaken but unharmed.

      Then, through the window, they see a stranger letting his pet dog poop in front of the sisters house. They freez him and his dog ready to punish him.

      Then, they realise that this is the very first time they have intended to use there powers to punish the guilty.

      Their job is to use they're powers to protect the innocent NOT punish the guilty.

      They realise this moment, in time, would put them on the slippery-slope to Phoebe deserving to be burned to death as a witch, 10 years from now.

      They unfreez the cheecky guy and his doggy, without punishing the stranger for letting his doggy poop.

      Then, he turns and they see his face. They recognise him (from the future) and realise he is the witch hunter who arrests and brings Phoebe to justice 10 years from now.

      And realise that since they refrained from punishing him for making his doggy poop in front of the Charmed Ones house, He will not be motivated to pursue them in the first place.

      This feels very significant to me because...

      I made a joke here:


      Look at post #16

      The joke I made was this:

      "dont make me set my tulpa on you".

      Then my Tulpa (little white mouse, Buckello) gave me a dream where he turned into a cheshire-smiling, Siamese Cat.


      I think I'll let Buckello know that I will gently care for him as a little white mouse. I'll keep him out of danger. I'll die to keep him safe. He can stay a fearless, "tasty" mouse. He don't have to be a cat. I love him as he is.

      I was wrong to make that joke:

      "dont make me set my tulpa on you".

      . It (the joke) may become a slippery-slow to a stupid distraction that may end badly. Like using their powers for revenge was a slippery-slope that ended badly for the Charmed Ones (10 years later)

      Buckellow is innocent and harmless.
      I Love Buckello.

      Here is me Talking to Linkzelda asking about what I heard in chat about "Tulpa's


      Then I follow Linkzelda's advice and ooen a Workbook in "Tulpa Land:


      Sticking this in my Blogg. Blogg is what Dreamviews calls the DJ Department (I think)