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    by , 10-04-2014 at 01:32 AM (473 Views)
    Here is my precog competition dream that I just woke from.

    Salty old crock

    On a train standind by the doors. I press a big button that stops the train and opens the door.

    I am on a beach. The tide is high. I walk ankle deep into a shallow, isolated bit of water, towards a nice long rock. Then I see the rock is a salt water crocodile. I'm not scared.

    Then I am in an old persons bedroom, the old person tells me they have a crocodile under the bed.

    I walk on the bed and the crocodile butts my feet. Then popps his head out from under the bed.

    There is an unusual place on top of his head to be punched, to settle him down. So I punch gently but firmly. He likes it and goes back under the bed to snooz. (EOD)

    The rock that becomes a salty old crock is my surprising old friend. He is both the old person in his old bedroom and his pet crock living under his bed.

    When awake I figured that out cos the crock wanted to be boxed on a special place on top of his head. Then he rested.

    That pointed to the infamous boxin match that began my old friends psi dream caree.

    I'd say the precog dream target is a salt water crocodile

    Dream tags

    Train, sand, sunny, sleepy salt water lagoon, soft long rocks, crocodile.
    Old person, bed.

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    1. EbbTide000's Avatar
      Precog target was not a crocodile

      it was a cowboy on a brown bucking horse.