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    by , 09-24-2015 at 11:43 AM (427 Views)
    Meet the Virgin Rainbow, the most beautiful opal in the world

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    Published on Aug 13, 2015

    An opal so fine it has been valued at over $1 million is about to go on public display for the first time.

    Our world produces some incredible rocks. Take the opal, a precious stone that forms out of silica, in the dark under the surface of the earth. When cut and polished, it flashes with a gorgeous array of colours, from pale milky hues to deep reds and blacks.

    Now, an opal that has been named the finest ever unearthed will be making its public debut next month as the centrepiece of an exhibition opening at the South Australian Museum, Adelaide.

    Called the Virgin Rainbow, it was discovered in the opal fields of Coober Pedy by opal miner John Dunstan in 2003.

    It's actually an opalised fossil, from an extinct cephalopod called belemnitida that existed during the Mesozoic era. During that time, much of South Australia was under a vast inland sea filled with prehistoric aquatic reptiles called plesiosaurs. These died and sank to the bottom of the sea, buried over the millennia by sediment.

    When the sea dried up and the land turned into a desert, the acidity levels in the shallow top layer of the sandstone increased. This released silica from weathering sandstone into the layer of clay beneath, where bones and pockets left by disintegrated bones lay buried, carried down via groundwater.

    Further weathering lowered the acidity levels, which allowed the silica gel to harden into opals in the pockets and impressions left by decayed animal material, like cake poured into a mould, or to soak into bones and create a replica of the internal structure.

    The famous Australian opal fields of Coober Pedy are located in this region. No other environment in the world is known to have undergone this same process, which is possibly why over 90 percent of the world's opals come from South Australia.

    Here it is (!!!)


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    My BobV Dream from the day he Crossed-Over

    It is from a dream remote viewing experiment.

    Is week 9s target A (Kiml) King George Square, Brisbane, Australia?

    After asking for a dream of target A (Kiml) I just woke from this dream.


    I wake up at the root of a wide-trunk tree, (Banyan Tree?)

    I lean to my left to see around the trunk a bit and there is a person sitting, meditating. I notice I'm sitting cross-legged (was I just meditating?). I stand. There are a few meditaters around the tree. As I move away I see meditaters on lower ground but still in the shade of this tree.

    A man moved off and I follow him (grey long floral-stripey tunic). Interestingly, I have to do my wobbly (neuropathic) walk to keep-up with him. I ask him where he is from. He asks me "Do you know about the (muslim-Indian) catastrophe?".

    It is to hard for me to keep up with him on my neuropathic feet. I watch him stride accross a wide city road. Then I turn to go back to the Tree.

    I look right, standing still and realise I am in Brisbane.

    I am looking down on King George Square from Anne and Roma Street. (EOD)

    Awake I Googled here is the best article I found:


    No Cookies | The Courier-Mail


    When I lived in the West End in 1977-87 the square had grass and a fountain but in the dream I just woke from, it was all cement and very hot looking.

    Next Post

    It is 8am Saturday 1-February-2014. I am watching TV. Maybe the (Muslim, India) catastrophe is this:


    India's LGBT community crushed by decision to uphold a ban on homosexuality


    AEDTMembers of India's gay and lesbian community say they're crushed by the decision of the country's highest court to uphold a ban on homosexuality.

    The Indian Supreme Court dismissed an appeal against its judgement last December which re-criminalised gay sex.

    That decision, which was supported by India's main religious groups, reimposed a maximum penalty for homosexual sex of life imprisonment.

    Here is the link:


    India's LGBT community crushed by decision to uphold a ban on homosexuality - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


    Here is the link to my Black Hole dream where my skull is beginning to opalize. Sorry can't find it.

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