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    Cusp's 1.

    by , 04-20-2014 at 05:32 AM (360 Views)
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    I'm walking across a parking lot in RL when something shiny catches my attention. At first it looks like a christmas ornament, but as I get a little closer it looks like a pop can. There was a moment it literally changed. Then as I got closer again, i saw what it really was, the wrapper to some european chocolate bar.

    When you try to fly in a dream and get stuck with shitty swimming physics. In real life, probably 99% of the movement you do while in a horizontal position is in the water swimming. Sure, there is a source of fictional flying to draw on bringing down that 99%, but it's not quite as strong as actual swimming. It's not just random that we get stuck with swimming physics when we try to fly, it's just a strong quantum probability. Unless you've never done any actual swimming. You can guesstimate these things.

    The end result of collapsing one of these puppies depends entirely on it's assiciations. Like with the swimming example, if you've never gone swimming, odds are you won't get swimming physics when you try to fly. THese systems or probability waveforms are based on random events you've been exposed to. You either take the chaos magic approach of taking stock of what that archetype means to you to guesstimate it's outcome, or you take the ceremonial approach and plan out your experiences to build a structure with probabilities tilted in your favor.

    If all matter exists as a particle and a waveform, and we are made of matter, then we should also exist as a waveform. I say that's what dreams are, the waveform counterpart to our waking particle reality.
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    I'm sick and sleeping too much. So happy that I have no family or close friends to nag me about my extreme laziness.

    just now i Woke from this dream where I was standing with others in an auditorium, listening to a speaker. Then I am half awake, standing-up. Then I wake, a couple of times, standing with my head leaning on a metal, vertical, auditorium, pillar.

    Then I woke a couple of times curled up on a couch, with my head propped up on my elbow.

    Got up in a library.

    Found a little diary 2011 "somebody male" Dixon. I'm a female Dixon.

    I want to steal it to read it then return it like a library book.

    Next I'm at a long, horizontal, coat hanger-bar. Magically, (as if moved by invisible psychic-ghost), the coats on hangers move (impossibly) into a different order.

    Others who saw this start discussing the frightening, weired phenomenon.

    I smile inside cos I thought I was the only witness and had better shut-up cos no one would believe me and they'd just think me mentally ill.

    Then I feel cheeky and tell a lie. I say, in a false, deep voice:

    "I did that" I've only been doing it a thousand years".

    Wickedly!!! I was hoping that I could dupe them into believing that one of my "multiple-personalities" is a thousand year old Psychic (telekinetic) ghost.

    I woke feeling happy, cheeky but secretly guilty for trying to dupe these folk by aggrandizing meeee.

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