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    Darts - Denzel

    by , 01-23-2013 at 09:31 PM (533 Views)
    6;30am Thiusday 24-Jan-woke out of a dream.

    I was married to a mediteranian looking hansom man around 25 years old. He needed to kill a man for government. But the taget had a good wife so my husband posponed the killing. I PUT ON A Coat then a rain coat off an open rack. I coulden't reach so my husbant passed them down to me. The first thing he passed down to me was a lihht purple dress but I was dressed and just wanted the coat and rain coate..

    Putting them on was interesting as it was a bit difficult. Once on the coat turned to ... solid clay ... like protective to bulets or something.

    then my very good lookng movie star looking husbaned asked what we could do for the day. He said "Do you want to do "Darts"?." I wondered if he meant, go to a pub and play a game of darts. But he said Denzel Washington is in that movie "Darts".

    I said "yes.

    First we went to see friends of his.

    They were doing something with the inside of his throat. I could see vocal cords and a healthy, pink throat.

    The dream began in the night with him already my husband and him needing to kill a bad-man for work. He didn't do it because the bad-mans wife was there. Then it was dawn, we hadn't slept and werenot tired. He asked me what do I want to do. He recommended seeing the movie "Darts" it had Denzel Washington in it. First we went to see a frien of his who looked into his throught. (EOD)

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