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    by , 11-07-2012 at 04:54 AM (341 Views)


    I step into a large, empty lift.

    Doors close but I can't see any buttons to press. Lift ascends a long way and doors open to a very spacious floor, light grey/silver. I don't want that floor because it's too high. I want ground floor because I want the real open spaces of outdoors.

    Lift descends. I see buttons on lift mechanism, Square, metal buttons. I press one hoping I don't break the mechanism. I push it with my finger but it keeps going and falls out the other side.

    Now I have a pleasant ventilation hole where the button was.

    The lift is becomming transperent. It also is not descending but moving straight ahead, forward.

    This feels right.

    Then the lift slows and stops and dissappears.

    I am standing barefoot on green broken glass but it doesn't hurt.

    I'm on a wide light grey stone street before very wide steps leading up to a very large light grey stone building. Many people around.

    I see a mature short womam with a small contraption on her. I know she was the lift.

    I try to go to her to talk with her. I like her but she turns kindly to me and I say "Even the Best of Friends must Part"

    It felt like she spoke her thoughts through me.

    She had delivered me now she (as a lift) wanted to deliver others.

    I went looking for a YouTube and found this:

    Wally Cox - There's a Yavern in the Town. (2:17) 24,078 views


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